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JCJ funeral home opened in 2012 servicing Local clients in just Delhi/ NCR region of India and was registered in the year 2020 to expand and service the clients nationwide & internationally ever since then we have been offering a unique, personalized and distinctive quality of Funeral, Cremation or Repatriation service in various countries like the Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, UK, USA, Brazil, All of Europe and All Of Asia Pacific.

JCJ Funerals offers the freedom and choice to conduct a funeral/ cremation your way to honor your life or that of your loved one. Whether you opt for a funeral or cremation service at a crematorium, cemetery chapel, church, at home, a special venue, memorial service, or no service at all, we will help you plan and deliver a funeral & cremation that reflects the values, culture, beliefs, and relationships of the person who is being farewelled.

We understand that this is a vulnerable time for families, friends, and the community as they come to terms with the imminent or sudden loss of a loved one. Amid all the confusion and grief, we will be there to support and guide you, to help you make informed choices and decisions to create a personalized funeral experience that will honor and commemorate your loved one for all time.

Our Service

Repatriation Service ​

Repatriation Service

We specialize in repatriation services of Mortal Remains & Ashes to any part of the world. We have our Partners in All of the south-west pacific, Middle East, Europe, United Kingdom, United States Of America and Latin America. We also Offer Pick Up from the airport and Drop on special request of the family.

Funeral and Cremation Service ​

Funeral and Cremation Service

Losing someone you love is hard and so is the task of arranging a funeral or cremation. To make it easier, we personally involve ourselves with you to plan everything for the day itself. We listen to what you’re looking for and get to know more about the person who’s died, so you can arrange a funeral or cremation that’s completely right.

Embalming, Sealing & Packing​

Embalming, Sealing & Packing

It is important to have the deceased embalmed sealed in a zinc lined box & pack to protect from decay so that the family is able to bid farewell to their loved one in the best conditions. In the case of repatriation to any part of the world it is mandatory for the body to be embalmed, packed and sealed, to pass the necessary checks at the airport.

Coffins/ Ash Urns ​

Coffins/ Ash Urns

We manufacture and export Coffins and Ash Urns in various parts of the world. We service customizations and manufacture products as you like. We offer custom made coffins made out of different types of woods, decorations and see through coffin tops.

Flower/ Memorial Arrangements​

Flower/ Memorial Arrangements

A memorial service or memory service is held after, or sometimes instead of a funeral service. A memorial service can take place on a specific date, such as your loved one’s birthday or the anniversary of their death, or at any other time following their funerals

Road & Air Ambulance Service​

Road & Air Ambulance Service

JCJ Funerals offers ambulance & hearse connectivity in India nationwide.

We have a large fleet of ambulances & Hearse to cater all the needs of transportation of the Mortal Remains & Ashes.

Keepsake/ Cremation Jewelry​

Keepsake/ Cremation Jewelry

We all want to keep a part of our loved ones, JCJ Funerals Offers conversion of Ashes to Diamonds.
Cremation diamonds are real; they are made from human ashes. The carbon of the cremated ashes is purified and it is pressed into a cremation diamond with the help of a machine. They are chemically, physically, and optically the same as diamonds that have been mined from underground. Cremation diamonds are all certified to be genuine diamonds.

Grief is the price we pay for love

~ Queen Elizabeth II

What my clients say

JCJ has always provided excellent service during the tough time of the death of a loved one. They're patient, careful and Mr. Cyril always provides a degree of personal service and care that's rare these days. Even in the harsh times of the pandemic, JCJ helped my loved ones get a proper send off.
Abheek Ghosh
A true helping hand in the desperate times. Cyril and his team took great care in managing the entire process end to end. It is hard to write a review after the significant personal losses we went through. But, his services ensured that we could give a respectable farewell to our loved ones.
Arunima S. Bhardwaj
Provided all support during such a stressful situation. Well done team JCJ Funerals. Your effort and professional approach justifies the cost in such testing times. Great service, respectful, accomodating, helpful in every step of the process, everything you could ask for and more. Thank you!!!
Krishna Gupta

“We all die. The Goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will”

~Chuck Palahniuk

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“Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.”

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